Information for Parents

Why employ a tutor?
The reasons why parents wish to employ the services of a tutor for their child are numerous. Some feel that the significant benefits that can be gained from one-to-one tuition will help their child to gain in confidence in a subject(s). Some feel that the revision of topics will help the child to achieve their potential in their SATs, GCSEs or A-Levels. And some children can have a ‘block’ over a particular area of the curriculum and working with a tutor can often help the child to gain the understanding that they’re seeking.

The Tutors
All of the tutors we recommend are qualified teachers or have experience as tutors and all have an Enhanced Disclosure CRB check. When they register with Tutors 4 Kids they have to complete the form which may be seen in the Tutors section of this website. Teachers have a unique DfES number, provided when they qualify, and this is checked with the General Teaching Council who confirm that the tutor is registered with them.

How the process works
  1. The parent or guardian completes the form on the Request Tutor page.
  2. We analyse the requirements of the student and their location before finding a suitable tutor.
  3. We contact the tutor and ask them to contact the parent or guardian as soon as possible.
  4. The tutor has a detailed conversation with the parent/guardian to ascertain the precise requirements of the child and negotiate when and where the lessons will take place.
  5. The tuition takes place with the parents paying the tutor directly the tuition fee and travel expenses at the end of each lesson. If necessary, we will provide you and the tutor with the road distance between the two homes.

  6. The tutors pay the agency a small proportion of their fee to the agency at the beginning of the following month.
  7. Very occasionally, and often through no-one’s fault, a student and tutor do not work well together and you may therefore require a different tutor. If this happens, please contact the agency and we will find a replacement.
Travelling expenses
If it is agreed between the parent/guardian and the tutor that the lessons will take place in the student’s home then it is expected that travelling expenses will be paid if the tutor has to travel a distance greater than 3 miles. If you prefer, rather than negotiate these expenses between yourselves, we will provide you and the tutor with the distance between the two homes based on the measurements of an internet route planner and the costs that will be due to the tutor (see Fees page). If the lessons take place at the tutor’s house then no travelling expenses will be necessary.