Welcome to Tutors 4 Kids

Increasingly, parents are choosing tutor support in the home for their children to enhance the learning achieved in the school environment.

Who are we?
Tutors 4 Kids
is a company based in the South East of England with over 20 years experience in education. We aim to provide parents with an easy to use, friendly, web-based service which matches the needs of children to the skills of the tutors who are registered with us.

Where are we?
Although we are based in the south east of England, we operate nationally. As a web-based company we can work easily across all 4 countries of the UK while maintaining a high standard of customer service.


Why do parents want a private tutor?
Sometimes this is to boost grades and improve potential exam results.
Sometimes it is to increase confidence, especially for younger children.
Sometimes it is as an intensive “crammer” coming up to re-sits or to reinforce specific ideas that have proved tricky.
Sometimes the need is short-term. Sometimes longer term support is what the parents choose for their child.
Whatever the reason we can help you find the right tutor for your child.

There is no registration fee for parents.

We check tutor status, ask for and follow up references and seek CRB clearance. Teachers are asked to provide evidence of their qualifications.

We can provide private tutors to cover from Key Stage One up to A-Level and in a variety of curriculum areas.

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